No editor should be an island—no matter what video editing software they use. Break down content silos, enable collaboration, and deliver content faster with integrated asset management and shared storage for Premiere Pro users. 


For News & Sports

Cutting with Avid for broadcast, but the digital team’s all Adobe? Don’t let it slow you down. MediaCentral brings the whole workflow together with maximum efficiency, from story planning and finding media, to delivering breaking news online, on social, and on air.
Interface showing Premiere Pro workflow with text overlay quote See what broadcasters can do in an integrated Adobe and Avid workflow
  • Simplify media management
  • Enable remote collaboration
  • Increase productivity
  • Protect your production
  • Browse, search, access, and edit content across local and remote databases, without ever leaving Premiere Pro or Media Composer—or do it all from your browser.
  • Share Adobe projects and media with MediaCentral users, and vice-versa. View rundowns and scripts while you edit. Map metadata between Avid and Adobe projects.
  • Maximize efficiency on your Avid and Premiere Pro workflow by taking advantage of automated media ingest, phonetic search, workflow orchestration, and multiplatform delivery.
  • Rest easy with the security, data protection, scalability, redundancy, and reliability of MediaCentral and Avid NEXIS to protect your media and workflows.
Man in news studio using equipment to monitor a broadcast

Datasheet: Adobe Integration for Broadcasters

Get the technical details with a deep dive into the integration of Adobe Premiere Pro with Avid NEXIS and MediaCentral.

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For Post Production

What if every member of your team could access your organization’s entire media library from anywhere and share assets seamlessly—all while using the editing tools they prefer? With MediaCentral and Avid NEXIS, collaboration is easy.
Interface showing Premiere Pro workflow with text overlay quote See how post teams can collaborate effectively, from anywhere
  • Accelerate your workflow
  • Enable remote collaboration
  • Find media fast
  • Jumpstart editorial by setting up Adobe and Avid projects, grouping media, and populating bins. Find, review, and mark up clips—no editing software required.
  • Share projects with anyone, regardless of location. Browse, search, access, and edit content stored anywhere, all within Premiere Pro, Media Composer, or your web browser.
  • Access media immediately and add them into your Premiere Pro workflow, whether it sits on premises, at another facility, or in the cloud. Find footage instantly with powerful phonetic search capabilities.
Woman in front of two computer monitors editing video

Datasheet: Adobe Integration for Post-Production Teams
Get the technical details with a deep dive into the integration of Adobe Premiere Pro with Avid NEXIS and Editorial Management.

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