Avid Launches “Making the Media” Podcast to Explore the Forces Shaping Media and Entertainment with Unique Group of Industry Leaders

BURLINGTON, Mass, 1/15/2021

Avid global broadcast and media evangelist Craig Wilson to host bi-weekly podcast starting January 11

Avid® (Nasdaq: AVID) today launched “Making the Media”, an interview-driven podcast hosted by veteran newsroom expert Craig Wilson that explores the forces shaping the media and entertainment industry. “Making the Media” will focus on thought-provoking and engaging interviews with industry leaders on timely topics such as dymystifying the big bad cloud, adopting multi-platform strategies, leveraging education in media and managing remote and distributed teams. The first season of “Making the Media”will featute nine episodes focused specifically on the broadcast news industry. Future seasons will be dedicated to other areas of the media, news, and entertainment industry.

“Making the Media” episodes will feature a unique group of guests from industry and academia such as Ruba Ibrahim of Al Arabiya, Matt Goldberg of NBC Universal, Philip Bromwell of RTE Ireland, Jill Mitchell of Syracuse University, Mohamad Fares of Qatar TV, Bob Ellis of WJXT, Ilkka Ahtiainen of MTV3 Finland and Bobby Hain of STV.

Craig Wilson is a newsroom production technology expert who keeps his finger on the pulse of innovative media creators all over the world. With over thirty years in the broadcast industry, Craig has worked on major projects across the world ranging from workflow transformation of national broadcasters to large-scale sports events, including four Olympic games. Craig has held various roles with Avid and is now the Global Broadcast and Media Product Evangelist.

Listeners can subscribe to “Making the Media” on most major podcast players and can find more information about the podcast at https://connect.avid.com/MakingtheMedia.html

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