Move from ICON to S6 Now and Save Big for a Limited Time

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Take on the Biggest Mixes with Greater Confidence

Save big through June 30, 2020 when you trade in your old ICON towards S6

Got an ICON D-Control or D-Command? We hope your trusty surface has served you well. In case you weren't aware, as of August 31, 2018, Avid no longer offers ICON support or repairs. While future versions of Pro Tools will still work with ICON for the foreseeable future, we do not plan on adding new features or functionality to the family, and any new issues that arise may not be addressed.

If you want to stay at the forefront of professional music and audio mixing, you can greatly expand your capabilities and opportunities with Avid S6. Even better, we're offering a generous ICON trade-in program through June 30, 2020, so not only will you get better ergonomics, expanded DAW control, and surface customizability with S6, but great savings too.

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Why trade up to S6?

  • Get better visual feedback with extensive metering, scrolling waveforms, and more
  • Experience the most efficient hands-on Dolby Atmos mixing workflows in the industry
  • Customize and scale the modular surface for your mixing preferences and needs
  • Mix faster and more intuitively with full touchscreen control, custom layouts, and programmable soft keys
  • Take control of Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Cubase, Nuendo, and other DAWs simultaneously
  • Remote control your mix from anywhere in the studio using an iPad

Hear why Germany's historic music recording facility Bauer Studios chose S6 to expand their capabilities into Dolby Atmos immersive music and audio post mixing.

Gigantic 1200x600

NYC's award-winning post house Gigantic Studios moved from ICON to S6—see why S6 proved to be, literally, a stand up solution to serve independent filmmakers.

YaronFuchs 1200x600

See how Grammy-nominated producer/mixer Yaron Fuchs (Herbie Hancock, John Meyer, Talib Kweli) uses Pro Tools and S6 to bring musicians together.

MochaChai 1200x600

As Singapore's first Dolby Atmos dubbing theater, audio post powerhouse Mocha Chai Laboratories chose S6 to attract worldwide clientele—find out why.

Compare ICON vs. S6

ICON D-Command ICON D-Control Avid S6
Meter Bridge:
Dual 30-segment LED meters
Meter Bridge:
Dual 30-segment LED meters
Display Module:
High-resolution TFT displays with scrolling waveforms, EQ, pan plots, and automation breakpoints

Fader Module:
Dual 30-segment LED meters on faders with gain reduction

Master Module:
Scrolling meter bridge and track scroller
Color Coding
None Track colors and color-coded functions on knob tops, including dynamics, EQ, and pan

Color coding for track state, including Record, Input, Solo, and Mute
EQ and Dynamics
Small dedicated EQ and dynamics controls (requires paging)
Full dedicated EQ and dynamics controls in large center section Full set of predictable EQ and dynamics controls through color-coded knobs, accessible within any section of the control surface
Channel Scalability Fixed channel strip configuration with a minimum 8 faders + master, expandable with two 16-channel fader modules Fixed channel strip configuration with a minimum 8 faders + master, expandable with multiple 16-channel fader modules Flexible, modular channel strip configuration with a minimum 8 faders + master, expandable with multiple 8-channel fader modules

Choice of 1, 5, or 9 assignable encoders per channel
Workstation Control Switched control of up to two Pro Tools workstations Switched control of up to four Pro Tools workstations Intelligent control of up to 8 workstations, including Pro Tools, Logic, Nuendo, and Pyramix with KVM integration

Aggregate tracks from any connected EUCON workstations on a single surface
Surround Mixing, including Dolby Atmos No integrated joystick option—external third-party surround panner option only

No pan plot display
Optional surround panner with dual touch-sensitive joysticks

Limited pan display on Joystick Module only
Full support for Dolby Atmos immersive audio, with 2D and 3D panning views

Integrated surround panning from the Master Module touchscreen and with the optional Joystick Module

Pan positional views can be displayed on Display Modules, Master Module, and Joystick Module
Soft Keys Limited surface functions only

No customization or macro support
Limited surface functions only

No customization or macro support
Comprehensive, color-coded, and organized by workflow

Fully user-customizable, including macros composed of EUCON and keyboard functions across multiple workstations
Monitoring XMON analog monitoring with up to 7.1 support + communications system XMON analog monitoring with up to 7.1 support + communications system Customizable Pro Tools | MTRX analog/digital audio I/O (mix and match mic, line, MADI, Dante, AES3, SDI, and more) with versatile 5.1, 7.1, 9.1, and up to 64 channels of immersive audio monitoring + routing control and communications system

Mix faster, easier, and the way you want—plus expand your opportunities—when you trade up to S6 today. Contact Avid Sales or your local reseller for details.


Tips & tricks

S6: VCA Masters & Spill Zones

Create fader zones to access members of a VCA Master group

S6: Exploring Track Layouts

Create custom Track Layouts to control your most important tracks

S6: Exploring Expand Zones

Take dedicated control of EQ and Dynamics with a consistent interface

In-depth workflows

S6 Workflows: Master Module

Speed up navigation and accessing tracks with the Master Module

S6 Workflows: Spill Zones

Quickly place and access all types of tracks with Spill Zones

S6 Workflows: Soft Keys

Enhance editing, mixing and monitoring with Soft Keys

S6 Workflows: Attention Zones

Control plugins, dynamics, EQs, inserts and sends with Attention Zones

S6 Workflows: Managing Zones and VCAs

Get the most out of zones and nested VCAs

S6 Workflows: Layouts

Assign any mix of tracks to the faders with custom Layouts

S6 Workflows: Expand Faders

Take custom control of plugins with Expand Faders

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